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1885 Chicago Cottage Reed Organ Antique



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This is a very rare and seldom found 1885 “Chicago Cottage Organ Company” Reed Pump Organ in perfect playing condition.  Wood and components are all in near mint condition and brass reeds still provide incredible sound.   It operates by pushing bottom two foot pump peddles and selecting any of the 11 Stops and pressing keys to personify and time travel back to music from 120+ years ago.   This instrument was the first Chicago Cottage Organs after mergers in 1885.   The only flaw is the left circular candelabra has a screw to hold round base down and top cover locking hardware & key are missing but over all this 120+ year old Organ is in incredible display and playing condition.   The original 1885 advertised credenza is missing, as most were not ordered because an extra expense and today rarely found.   These instruments were shipped by Horse Drawn Wagon from Chicago to Frontier Western States and many ordered for traveling preachers.   History preserves that in 1879 the Organ Company started in Chicago as the Wolfinger Organ Co. by F.R. Wolfinger, John A. Comstock and Herman D. Cable.   About 1885 Comstock sold his interest to E. E. Wise, and George W. Tewksbury, both formerly connected with the Western Cottage Organ Co., and the name changed to Chicago Cottage Organ Company in 1885.   In 1889 Fayette S. and H.M. Cable came into the business, which after H. D. Cable's death in 1899 became The Cable Co. with F.S. Cable as president.  This original Chicago Cottage Organ as eleven, 11, Pull / Push Stops labeled in original Victorian script as:  “Bass Coupler, Diapason, Echo, Principal, Piano, Forte, Dulcet, Celeste, Tremona, Melodia, Treble Coupler”.   It measures 48” wide x 47” high x 22” length and shipping weight 100 pounds.

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