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1850 Revolving Musket Rifle Civil War



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This is a beautiful highly detailed reproduction of the famous 1850 Civil War “Revolving” Musket Rifle made to exact specifications (It is non-firing and for display only).  Made of real wood stock and metal, this treasure is exactly like the original.  The 1850 rifle had a new six-shot featuring revolving cylinder firing system (like a revolver, and the first offered in a rifle).  This treasure does revolve cylinders, cocks and slams the hammer down when trigger is pulled.  It is rarely found and was used in the Civil War for those that could afford a newly designed rifle.  History preserves that most Civil War soldiers brought their own single shot musket rifles and died as loading took 2 to 3 minutes.  Those folks that could afford an amazing new six shot revolving rifle had much better odds of surviving the war.  This was a powerful weapon of its time with six revolving cartridges and a rarely found favorite during Civil War.  Detailed Features include 2-band wood stock (It looks and feels exactly like the original).  Length is 44” and weighs 9 pounds.  This rare reproduction treasure will highlight any collection of 150-year-old historical rifles.

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