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1700s Dueling Pistol Display Framed Antique



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This rare treasure is a French set of 1700s Dueling Pistol Display with the leather gloves to start the argument and two, 2, highly detailed replicate pistols for settlement.  Note – Pistols are highly detailed reproductions that do NOT fire.  Barrels are closed per USA requirements and can NOT be made to be fired.  History preserves with the invention of pistols, many arguments were settled with a subtle slap in the face with leather gloves and a date would be set in which both parties would select a weapon of identical lethal remedy to settle the argument.  They would then take ten, 10, paces in opposite directions, turn around, point and fire at their opponent.  The cliché was “Don’t get Mad, Slap their face, Set a date and shoot them for argument resolution”.  The Frame is professionally made and the pistols have every detail reproduced to perfection including manufacture in 1700s but NON Firing.  Pistols show the intricate working trigger that fires the hammer that contains flint to ignite powder and deliver the decisive 50 caliber bullet to settle argument.  The professionally made frame by “Michaels” uses an antique wood detailed frame with leather background and wood front strips.  Frame is 25” x 25” x 3” and weighs 14 lbs.   Many of us today wish this tradition was still in effect.   This is truly a rare piece of history that we’ve carefully reproduced and will highlight any collection of argument resolution from 300+ years ago.

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