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1801 Napoleonic Dueling Pistol Antique



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This is a beautiful highly detailed reproduction of the famous 1801 Napoleonic Pistol that was also a preferred favorite with royalty for dueling to settle arguments.  The Arsenal at St. Etienne manufactured the original that now sells for six figures dollars.  This Pistol has amazing detail to the original weapon and was also the choice by Cavalry with its easy flintlock loading & powder refill for battle from 200+ years ago.   It features of full-length wood stock, brass & steel accents, with flint stone in leather (in hammer to fire) that make this a rare and wonderful collectible.   This treasure is highly detailed and made to specifications of original (It is non-firing and for display only).  Hammer can be cocked and trigger pulled.  These were used 200+ to by Napoleon Officers and also a choice weapon to settle arguments via dueling.  Features are in high detail and it looks exactly like the original.  Length is 14” and weighs 3 pounds NEW in original box.  This rare reproduction treasure will highlight any collection of 200+ year old weapons that belongs in a museum or with a serious collector.

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