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Mini Red Kaleidoscope in Oil Ampoules by Kari



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This is a handmade Kaleidoscope made by famous maker Kari Makoutz and is called Mini Red Chromoglobe.  Her design thoughts are “The color red is a passionate and confidant color. Red tones are used to increase enthusiasm and help bring focus to your life. Of course, you can’t think of the color red without evoking the ideas of love, passion, and desire”.  It is one of a kind and signed by Kari Makoutz.  Size is three, 3, inches in length and sits on mica glass stand.  Each of her instruments took many days to handcraft and is one of a kind.  The hand crafted glass ampoules are hand blown, each unique and filled with a variety of colors for an amazing viewing.  Kari uses a secret special 13 step process to make each unique one of a kind instrument.  Kari Kaleidoscopes are truly a rare treasure using hand made / blown glass oil-filled gem chambers.  Each chamber contains flame worked glass pieces, glass findings, Quartz crystals, Austrian Crystals, and hand flame worked Ampoules.  An ampoule is a glass tube filled with its own glass that falls at a different rate than the rest of the items in the gem chamber.   The mirror systems used are Front (First) surface mirrors, incorporating 3 sided of 60 x 60 x 60 for spectacular results.  Influenced by 1800s makers like Bush and Brewster, Kari has produced another marvel of Oil Cell Kaleidoscopes that will also be a part of history.

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