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1700s Highwayman Blunderbuss Rifle Gun



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This is a beautiful highly detailed reproduction of the famous 1700s Robbing Bandits gun / rifle called the “Highwaymen” of the era.  It is was a combination of Pistol & Rifle that was called a “Blunderbuss” and made a terrifying sound when fired as well with flesh-devastating damage.  It could be loaded with nails or any metal that would unleash terrifying wounds when fired.  This very rare Pistol / Rifle is made to exact specifications (The original few are in museums with prices over 6 figures).  This rare treasure is highly detailed with resin wood and real brass engraved accents.  It has been made to exact specifications (It is non-firing and for display only).  These were used 300+ years ago to charge, stop and rob stagecoaches.  History preserves this weapon was one of the choice weapons by Highwayman / Robbers to terrorize traveling folks.  It was a powerful weapon after pouring black powder and nails / anything metal into muzzle and firing it had a shocking & terrifying prominence.   Features are in high detail and it looks exactly like the original.  Length is 18” and weighs a hefty 5 pounds NEW in original box.  This rare reproduction treasure will highlight any collection of 300+ year old museum piece was used to rob, protect and settle simple arguments.

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