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1920s Thompson Submachine Gun Antique



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This is a beautiful exact reproduction of the famous 1920s Thompson submachine Gun (called “The Chicago Typewriter” and “Street Sweeper”).  This amazing machine could fire 50 rounds automatically in only a few seconds).  This Thompson Gun is so detailed, it brings movie terror from an era when this was the staple to resolve disagreements.  It was called “The Chicago Typewriter” or “Street Sweeper”.   This type of gun has often been used in many movies with separate sound effects.  It brings memories from the “Roaring Twenties” when this machine was a favorite with Gangsters and law enforcement from the 1920s.  It is highly detailed; all made of Resin with metal barrel (magnetic only on barrel) and made exactly like original specifications.  It also has a permanently attached 50 round drum magazine.  The gun has a “Blaze Orange Plug” in the barrel with accordance in Federal Law.  Size is 35" long.  Top of barrel to bottom of magazine is 8".  Magazine is 6.5" across.  Weight 12 pounds NEW in original box and made to exact specifications to original Thompson Machine Gun that now sell for over $ 15,000+.  This would look great in a Violin or Viola Case.  This very rare treasure will highlight any gun collection or Hollywood play movie.

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