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Serial Killer Statues of Infamous Murderers



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This is a set of seven, 7, Infamous Serial Killers Statues by well-known sculptor Dave Johnson.  These are made of a flexible “Gumby” like material for easy bending display.   Each has incredible detail to the most notorious serial killers.  They are Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson, The Zodiac, John Wayne Gacy (Pogo the Clown), Lizzie Borden, Ed Gein and Ted Bundy.   These are new in original packaging box with details to their infamous destruction and of course very controversial.  Each stands about 6” tall with amazing detail and hand painted by artist.  Dave Johnson is a well-known Colorado contemporary statue sculptor and in several newspaper interviews he discusses the many reservations on this new direction, but with encouragement from others, he has made a very limited set of these horrid serial killers for history.  Johnson is preserving a macabre piece of history and these figurine’s are each a one of a kind hand painted part of our scary past in original Boxed sets.  A single one of these macabre figurines recently sold at Ebay for over $ 125.00 (i.e. John Wayne Gacy).  This is an Original set of 7 of the most notorious & torturous Serial Killers ever offered.   Entire set of 7 for $ 315.00 plus shipping.  These rare statues belong in a crime museum or with a serious collector.

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