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1868 Cammann Stethoscope Framed Antique



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This is an original 1855 style Cammann Stethoscope that has been professionally framed in ebony wood frame with white leather Mat backing.  Instrument is stamped Caswell Hazard & Co – Ford on center hinge (they were medical makers from 1868 to 1878).  This is a rare maker as most makers were stamped Codman & Shurtleff, etc..  One of the braided tubes has broken with fraying and nickel plated stems shows wear.  One ear piece is slightly bent.  However, professional framers have carefully reconstructed it into frame and it now displays very well for 150+ years of age.  Bell and ear pieces are made of Vulcanite or Gutta Percha (plastic like substance of the period).  This is the Holy Grail to Stethoscopes and seldom found.  G. P. Cammann patented the instrument in 1855.  It is an early model with unique Ford straight bell.  C.K. Wilbur MD and Elisabeth Bennion picture this and describe this stethoscope in their books “Antique Medical Instruments”.   .  Stethoscope Length is 15”.  Frame is 21” x 11” x 3”.  Professional collectors know this is a seldom found treasure as most are now in museums.

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