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Antique Dental Instruments Book by Bennion



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This is a rare & highly sought after book titled "Antique Dental Instruments" by Elisabeth Bennion in mint condition.  The book was published in 1986 by Sotheby's Publications and is now completely out of print (even used copies are difficult to obtain). With 192 pages, this very well written hardbound book has 155 black & white and 21 color photo plates of instruments. The book opens with a survey of the myths and folklore associated with teeth and toothache and with a short history of the dental profession as it developed through the work of monks, surgeons, showmen/blackguards and the early pioneers of modern dentistry. Subsequent chapters cover extracting and excavating instruments, filling materials, artificial teeth, anesthesia equipment, scaling instruments, mirrors and miscellaneous instruments and articles of oral hygiene. Each chapter includes illustrations of some of the best, most interesting examples. A comprehensive directory of instruments makers appears after the concluding chapter, providing a framework for the dating of pieces by named makers; a chronological chart of makers, a bibliography and index complete the book.

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