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1851 Lebenswecker Tool Dental & Dermatology



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This is an 1851 medical instrument from Germany called a “Lebenswecker” used by dentists and doctors for a variety of gum / skin problems.  Included is original glass medical amber bottle of Oleum that is empty, but used as an anesthetic.   Both are in very good operational condition for 160+ years.  Spring is strong and when pulled back, slams the needles into patient.  The name Lebenswecker is German for “Life Awakener”.  Behind needles appears to be a script “L” L.  This instrument is described and pictured in John Carter’s Book on Dental Collectibles and Wilbur Book on Antique Medical Antiques as “Baunscheidt’s Lebenswecker” to cure skin conditions and gum problems.  It is made of Ebony wood with sharp needles that penetrate skin or gums.  By design, this instrument was a probe device that when cap was removed a liquid counter irritant called Oleum was poured in.  The sharp Teeth would be dipped into “Oleum”, retracted and then back pulled and released to drive needles into patient’s irritation or abscessed skin or gum.  This bizarre medical instrument was used Dental & Dermatology Doctors in the middle 1800s.  The instrument measures 10” in length, is made of ebony wood and removable needle cap cover.  Bottle size is 3” tall x 1.5”.

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