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Dr Kevorkian Suicide Machine



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This is a one of a kind reproduction of Doctor Kevorkian’s suicide machine used on the Phil Donahue for discussion in his only personal interview in 1990s.  On the Donahue they could NOT use exact machine as most of the 28 prior machines built by the Doctor were placed into Police evidence.  However, for this rare interview with Phil, Doctor “K” gave design specifications of his machine and it was built with non-lethal workings including bottles.  It is a carefully hand detailed machine made by the Hollywood “Ellis Prop House Company” who made a wide variety of quality movie props (Machine came unassembled and we did our best to assemble to reflect photos).  Instrument is also known as “The Thanatron” or Death Machine in Greek.  Machine was devised as an IV, with sleeping solution on one side (i.e. propofol) and the permanent sleep solution on the other side (i.e pentothal / thiopental).  After connecting IV to patient, doctor “K” would leave.  The patient would turn a timer knob when they desired to end earth inhabitance.  Size is 15” x 12” x 8” high.  Recently one of his original machines was offered at auction and high bid was $ 65,000.  However, minimum bid was set at $ 100,000.  News article is included.  This rare one of a kind machine is a beautiful display of Doctor Kevorkian’s very controversial Euthanasia machine.

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