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1875 Holman’s Stomach Pad Quack in Box



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This seldom found quack cure all was advertised as Holman’s Fever, Ague and Liver Pad to cure any disease of the stomach.  It comes in original box with label advertisements.  Box is rough, but preserved this quack medication.  This snake oil doctor also had several 1 cent stamps made of his image in 1879.  Label states “Every particle of Poison, bilious and malarial, must be absorbed from the system, or the disease may return”.   He advertised "Holman's Fever and Ague and Liver Pad - Cures without medicine, simply by Absorption....The only true cure for, and preventative of Malaria, in all its forms. It is Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Yellow Fever, Sea-Sickness, Neuralgia, Bilious Disorders….".   The box and pad label shows bearded Holman photo.  Pad would contain the magical quack treated ingredients that feel like saw dust.  Pad measures 6” x 4”.  Box is rough, but has preserved 1800s era of traveling snake oil quack venders selling amazing cure all medicine.  Note there is NO odor to pad & box and will display very well.  It will be a highlight to any collection of 1800s quack medicine.

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