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1824 Fleam Lancet by Wiegand Quack



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This is an early 1800s Fleam Lancet in Wood Case to bleed patient & cure many medical problems of the period.  Fleam is stamped Wiegand & Snowden, Philadelphia.  The manufacturing firm was Thomas Snowden and Conrad Wiegand.  They were in production from 1824 to 1855.  It is described and pictured in Keith Wilbur’s book “Antique Medical Instruments”.  Fleam is 2” in length and Box is 3”.  When cocking lever is pressed back and sharp blade pushed back it is in “Watch Out Mode”!  Press the top switch and blade slams into vein to release demons and all other medical ailments.  Both box and instrument are in very good condition.   History mentions the USA 1st President George Washington was on his deathbed with a very bad cold and doctors used a Fleam to bleed him of demons (He may have lived longer had they NOT).  The next President Thomas Jefferson believed in this bizarre medical cure and used this type of Lancet Fleam had his own that is nearly exactly like this (per Wilbur’s Book).  This Quack instrument will highlight any collection of medical treatments of the period.

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