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1880 Otophone Ear Trumpet in Box



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This is an 1880s Ear Trumpet Horn by Emile Bruno Meyrowitz called “OTOPHONE” model “1A” with serial number 877 (more common models were “1C”).  It is the seldom found petite 1A model whild the 1C was a large version.   It is in excellent display and operation condition with box.  We contacted the Meyrowitz Company in Paris, to verify circa and provenance notes.  In 1875, E.B. Meyrowitz started an Optician Company (which is still in business today, but no longer sells ear trumpets).  Emile had a vision in the 1880s to sample the Ear Trumpet business market with a new idea using a vibrating diaphragm to improve sound.  He produced several models of Ear Trumpets called the “Otophone”.  The one shown is the rare models “1A” and “1C”.  His innovation was one of the first ear trumpets / hearing aids with diaphragms that would amplify sound.  This Otophone is in excellent condition and works perfectly (It does amplify sound).  Further research at National History of American History provides that the “Otophone was made of black vulcanite….” and too confirms the 1880s circa.  This treasure measures 2.50 High x 2” ear piece & sound collector.  An Otophone is one of the Holy Grail of instruments to hearing difficulties of the 1800s and will be the highlight to any collection of old hearing aids called Ear Trumpets from 130+ years ago.

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