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1980 Texas Instruments TI99/4A PC in Box



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This is a rare NEW Texas Instruments TI 99 / 4A Personal Computer that dates to 1980s with original box.  It is in very good condition as opened only once as a gift and stored for the last 20+ years.  The power supply and cord plus video modulator are still wrapped in their original cardboard case (Never Opened).  This rare treasure includes all books, reference cards, guides and beginners Basic Programming Language.  We collect these and this is the best we’ve found.  History preserves this machine had a blazing speed of 3.3 MHz and the first with 16 bit microprocessor and TI Propriety Processor with ROM of 26K internal memory with TI Basic Programming Language and RAM memory of 16K expandable to 48K.  This was the Cadillac of PC’s of the 1979s to 1981s as it had many available options (i.e. Synthetic Speech Synthesizer, Graphics and many more options).    TI and Sinclair were premier personal computer manufactures of the time, but IBM and Apple destroyed all other markets (This was the Last year for TI & Sinclair was 1982).  Please NOTE – We have NOT tested this, but appears to be operational and is sold as is.   This is a very rare piece of computing history that dates 21+ years ago and belongs in a museum or with a serious collector.

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