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1975 Altair 8800 Popular Electronic Magazines



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These are the rare, seldom found and highly sought after magazines that announced the new Altair 8800 microcomputer in Parts 1 and 2.  It is the original Altair announcement magazine from “Popular Electronics issue in January and February 1975”.  January issue is titled Part 1 and February issue is titled Part II.  Billy & Paul read about this new machine and made billions by reading, buying and building software for machine (i.e. Basic Programming Language for this machine).  These combined magazines are truly the Holy Grail to computer history and both in very good condition with many of the original order advertised mail in cards.  Spines are tight and unbroken with the original Reader Service cards.  This was the historical issue that inspired Bill Gates, Paul Allen and a host of other entrepreneurs was used to launch a new industry, which has literally changed the world, as we know it.  The first, Part 1, magazine has the six, 6, page article provides technical overviews about this amazing machine that has a 2 MHz clock circuit with 64K memory.  Many internal diagrams are shown.  The second magazine, Part 2, continues with the worlds first Personal Computer Mail Ordered Machine.  The Authors of this revolutionary new Altair 8800 Computer are Edward Roberts and William Yates.  Starting prices are advertised at $ 400.00 for you assemble it kit and sold by a small garage company called MITS.  They had hoped to sell a few hundred computers that year.  However, in one month they received over 200 direct orders and began a historical moment in computer history.  This is a MUST have for any computer collection.

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