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1940 Konrad Zuse Signed Computer Photos



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These are 3 signed Konrad Zuse (1910 – 1995) and Mr. Zuse is considered the Father of Computers in Germany and years ahead of any other country.  Many say he was far advanced in design to IBM computers of the era.  Mr. Zuse had a second passion for Art and painted a few paintings.  In the early1990s he signed a very few personal photos.  The first, 1st photo is the photo of Konrad Zuse that has also been signed and on back a piece of his history in German.  He also signed one of his favorite painting prints and shown on the right side.  The third, 3rd item and Germany’s honor to him in a photo card with phone card is also personally signed.  These are the original signatures to an amazing computer man that was many years ahead of computer technology (It is reported that even IBM and other USA computer manufactures took many ideas from this Konrad Zuse Historian).  Below are a few photos of his incredible machines from the 1940s with three, 3, authentic signed items.  Size of personal photo is 6” x 4”These signed photos were purchased from a professional gifted collector in Germany and we guarantee their authenticity.  With only a few signed Konrad Zuse photos of early his computer development and his painting therapy signed cards, this is truly a precious piece of computer history.   Konrad Zuse is an amazing piece of computing history and will highlight any collection of 60+ year history.

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