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1961 IBM 1401 Core RAM Memory Board in Box



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This rare treasure IBM antique is an original hand made computer core memory card for the 2821 printer in original box with schematic.  These were used on the 1401 and 360 computers.  Note that these were the last of the large ferrite cores, hand made core memory cards of the 1950s to 1960s.  The card has 1600 bits in 16 quadrants each in 10 rows of ferrite cores.  Note too, that contacts were a high quality of gold contacts.  This is a very nice display of a 1961 IBM 1401 Computer Core Memory with very large cores (IBM started production of the 1401 & 360 in 1960s).  It comes in original packaging box with IBM schematic.  Schematic calls this “Buffer Memory Card” and shows details on installation and use.  This is in near new condition and probably was in parts inventory in case replacement was needed.  This board also has supporting electronic plug connections.   The 1401 came standard with 4K of core memory.  It could be expanded to a whopping 16K.  As technology matured, the memory cores began to get smaller to pack more memory on a board.  Size 4.5”.  We believe this rare treasure is from the main 1401 processor or 1403 printer buffer.  This is a beautiful display of old computer technology and rarely found.

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