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Silicon Wafer (The Making of a Chip) Framed



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This is fascinating display into the making of a computer silicon wafer in an 11” x 14” ebony wood frame.  The display describes the process of making chips, from sand to completed computing devices.  It begins with a vial of sand that is placed into a furnace at 3,200F and mixed with carbon (2nd vial).  The next step is to mix this with trichorosilane to create pure silicon (rock chunk).  Finally this silicon chunk is placed into another furnace to begin the circular growth of wafers.  Wafers are then cut and polished and etched with the desired computer chip.  The artwork contains elements used in the making of silicon wafers, as well as, three 100mm silicon wafers (a unpolished, a polished, and a finished etched wafer). The display also has several chip packages to show the completed designs. The chips include transistors, logic chips, ASICs, and Microcomputers.  A high powered microscope was used to photograph the internals to this silicon wafer to show each etched pathway of a chip (wafer has 40 separate chips).  This rare treasure has been professionally framed with the artists Provenance Notes about the making of a wafer on back.  It is ready to hang on a wall to share a remarkable piece of history.  Size of glass frame is 11” x 14” x 2”.  The microscopic views will mesmerize you with its colorful prism display.  The actual display in this three, 3, dimensional shadow box display (all images are raised .50” off background and appear to be floating).  In our many years of collecting computer treasures, this is without a doubt the most amazing and will highlight any professional collectors or museum display.

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