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1948 IBM 604 Pluggable Unit and Advertisement



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This very rare treasure is an original IBM Pluggable Computer Logic Electronics Unit for 604 Computer and also includes the Original “Fingers” Advertisement.  We have seen these IBM Pluggable Units sell for over $ 200.00 and the original Advertisement sell for nearly $ 100.00.   The IBM Pluggable Unit is marked MS – 7A on top and includes lower level supporting electronics.  This was a revolutionary invention by IBM in 1948 as the Vacuum Tube had all supporting logic electronics in one unit.  Computer failure could be easily diagnosed and a new Pluggable Unit quickly installed.   Included is the original IBM Advertisement for this revolutionary Pluggable Unit called “Fingers You Can Count On”.  This is the rarest of rare advertisements showing the actual Pluggable Unit with Vacuum Tube and below electronics that was made the IBM 604 Calculating Punch the most sophisticated machine of the time.  Pluggable Unit is 6” in length.   Advertisement is 11” x 8” and sent flat for framing.  A portion of Advertisement reads “These are electronic fingers…..the compact and rugged pluggable units in IBM Business Machines…..”.  This rare treasure from 40+ years ago will highlight any collection of IBM memorabilia.   It belongs in a museum or with serious collector.

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