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1955 Magazine on Geniac & Tradic Computers



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This very rare treasure is the 1955 Popular Electronics Magazine with articles on the new Geniac and Tradic Computer home building kits.  It is the original June 1955 edition with 130+ pages in excellent condition for 50 years of age.  Edmund Berkeley wrote and designed the 1st personal computers called Simon and Geniac in 1949.  In the early 1950s, the Geniac computer is now considered the 1st Personal Computer in kit form.  Also in this edition is the world's first all solid-state computer named the TRADIC that used a revolutionary new device called a transistor.  The TRADIC had nearly 800 point-contact transistors and 11,000 germanium diodes.  It was developed by the US Air Force and capable of a 60,000 operations per second, the computer used an ordinary oscilloscope as a display device.  A portion of the Geniac shows actual kit computer with two jealous wives using the computer to compute if their husbands have been unfaithful.  The caption under the picture says, "Cynthia Scott (Mrs.) and Marlene Saunders (Mrs.) - 'two jealous wives' - eye each other with suspicion while awaiting Geniac Signal Circuit that warns wife if husband has been unfaithful.".  This June 1955 edition of Popular Electronics is very rare, seldom found and actively sought by professional collectors.  It will highlight any collection of antique computer memorabilia.

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