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IBM 701 Computer 8 Vacuum Pluggable Unit



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This is a rare 1953 IBM 701 Scientific Calculator Computer Pluggable Unit with 7 vacuum tubes and Bliley MC 85 Crystal (seldom found with crystal).  It also includes a copy of 1953 advertisement (note – this is a very nice copy of original ad on glossy photograph paper).   The 1953 IBM 701 computer was the most powerful machine of the period and was used in business and especially USA government defense for calculations.  This was the first of IBM’s 700 series of scientific computers.  This rare 7 vacuum tube with Bliley crystal “Pluggable” unit shows the secret to the machine with one of the register modules that contains one bit for each of the storage, accumulator and multiplier quotient registers.  The Advertisement calls this the “Modern Abacus”.  A portion of advertisement reads: “Resembling a Chinese abacus, this electronic assembly operates at a speed of one million pulses a second.  It is one of 274 similar electronic units that perform the computing and control functions for the 701 computer…….”.  Size 10” x 7” x 1”.  From left to right tubes are all labeled 6197, Bliley, 5965, 5965, 6211, 5965, 5965 & 6197.  This is truly a beautiful piece of computing history from 50+ years ago.

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