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1961 Univac Core Memory and 1961 Fortune Ad



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This rare treasure is a 1960s Univac Core Memory Plane from a Univac III computer.  Included is the seldom found 1961 Fortune Magazine with original Univac Core Memory Ad on page 7.  Magazine is in excellent condition with 242 pages.  Core Memory is an intricately handmade board that contains 4096 bits of information or 512K.  This core memory plane board came from a “Stack Module”, which had 8 of these boards with supporting electronics for a 4,096K stack or Stack Module.  Note – There were actually 5 or more extra of these boards in a Stack Module for parity, + or – sign and extra modules if one or two primary boards failed).  These old core memory planes are very rare and highly sought after by museums and professional collectors.   A complete Stack Module of core memory of 8 core planes in 1960s cost around $ 15,000.00 each (Univac III and the 9200 Systems started at $ 150,000.00 to half a million dollars & more if you wanted tape drives).  This board is in mint condition and measures 4.25” square.  The original 1961 Fortune Magazine is included with original Univac Core Memory Ad.  These 40+-year-old rare Core Memory treasure will highlight any collection of old computer history.

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