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1970s Intel MDS-800 Computer Console Antique



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This rare treasure is an original 1970s Intel Intellec MDS-800 computer with their new 8080 CPU Processor Console professionally framed.  Included is also a NOS CPU 8080 CPU in original packaging to accent and preserve this precious piece of history.  In 1974, Intel invented and offered this amazing 8080 CPU and offered this computer in the to developers.  The Company called “Altair” next jumped into the arena with their “Build It Your Self Computer 8080” that Billy Gates and Paul Allen made Billions from this new machine development.  This is the original Intel MDS-800 Computer Console that was the CPU 8080 extravaganza to the first Home / Personal Computers.  Intel offered their new CPU with this computer console and Altair chased the development in kit form.  It has been professionally framed to preserve an amazing piece of Intel Computer history and includes the NOS 8080 CPU.  Console panel has all 8 rocker switches for programming machine or read out current operations with additional Boot and Reset switches.  Size is 20” x 12” x 5” high framed.  The Intel MDS-800 Computer Console is rarely found.   This original Intel Intellec-series MDS-800 is will highlight any collection of antique computer memorabilia.

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