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1950s Computer Pluggable Unit Military



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This rare treasure is a 1950s Computer Pluggable Unit specially made for Military use.  Note springs to hold down vacuum tube to protect from vibration.  Tube is marked “5965” and circuit board labeled “SVC 112J”.  It is an all hand soldered with a variety of electronics.  The USA Navy used many custom made computers for navigation, firing solutions and ship maintenance.  The below advertisement is not included, but shown as a 1950s example.  It states “When it comes to expanding facilities, some airports are at a disadvantage.  So the Navy uses computer systems to keep its planes shipshape”.  Most all of these military computers were destroyed to protect the electronic design from espionage.  Univac and a few other manufactures built specialized computers for the military that used this combination of pluggable units for onboard computers.  IBM coined the phrase “Pluggable Unit” for a new computer decision logic that used vacuum tubes with all supporting electrical components (i.e. resistors, capacitors, etc.) below that would be plugged into computer and if it broke could quickly be removed and new pluggable unit installed.  This is truly a treasure from computing history 50+ years ago.  It will highlight any collection of computer memorabilia.

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