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1964 IBM 360 Model 30 Core Memory



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This is a rare 1964 IBM 360 model 30 Core Memory Board Plane of 2048 K bits.   (IBM announced the 360 series in 1964 with the model 30 the first).   A Plane has 8 sections of 16 x 16 cores for a total of 2048 K bits per Board / Plane.  “These PLANEs were then inserted as a STACK to form 16K to 64K machines of the period.   Our Thanks to Mr. Jones & Poppke, IBM experts, to help us preserve provenance Notes and they state. “The memory on the early Model 30's were 2.0 micro-second memory.   Later they started shipping the blazingly fast 1.5 micro-second memory.   Most of these were hand wired and each board costing many thousands of dollars.  Machines of this era had 16K to max of 64K”.   These are very rare as most of the IBM machines were dismantled for their scrap metals and protect from reverse engineering.   Other computer manufactures, Univac, CDC, HP, PDP are more commonly found.  Size is 5” x 6”.  It will be a treasured prize to display on desk or framed for wall display.  Core Memory Board is in very good condition.  This is a museum piece of 1960s, 40+ years ago of rare IBM computer memorabilia.

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