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1960s CDC Computer Core Memory



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This is a rare 1960s CDC Cyber 6000 computer magnetic CORE memory plane that stored 4096 bits of information (64 x 64 rings on board).  This was an amazing amount of storage for the period from over 40 years ago.   Control Data Corporation, CDC, was a popular mainframe computer in the 1960s to 1970s.  The famous computer pioneer, Seymour Cray created CDC.   There are 12 core planes that make up a stack as shown in the bottom photo (Note – Only 1 plane is offered = not all 12).  The actual part number would have been stamped on the whole stack of planes, but each individual plane has a number of 63702100 with inspectors hand written approval (i.e. 7593) and marked Made in USA.  First two photos show intricate detail to a core memory plane.  Bottom photo shows a whole stack of planes and is NOT included (just for history preservation).  The Core Memory plane offered is made of small beads and three wires through each bead.  Size is 4.25” x 4.25”.   This is a fantastic piece of computing history that will highlight any collection of old computer artifacts.

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