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1940 Zuse Pluggable Unit Father of Computers



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This is a Konrad Zuse Pluggable Unit for the model Z3 or Z4 computer dating 1940s to 1960.  Pluggable unit has never been used and is in near mint condition.  Most likely it was to be a replacement for machines needing a replacement.  Tube is labeled Valvo (circle logo); E88CC; 5007; 2C.  Bottom photo is a card from Zuse museum archives that show the tube and card is included.  Beginning in the 1930s, Konrad Zuse was a German scientist that designed and developed many of the 1st computing hardware logic components long before IBM and other US companies.  This pluggable tube has the seldom found twin top flip flop lights to show what state a bit of memory was in for diagnostics.  Notice the woven cloth wiring of components insulation prevalent in the 1940s period.  Zuse earned the world title of “Inventor of the Modern Computer” for his series of automatic calculators.  In 1936, Zuse built a mechanical calculator called the Z1 that is considered the first binary computer with groundbreaking technologies in computer development.  The Z1 had floating point arithmetic, high capacity memory and modules or relays operating on Zuse designs.  In 1939 he completed the Z2 that was also a fully functioning electro mechanical computer and by the early 1940s produced the Z3 model that was fully stored program machine and another first.  The Z3 had an amazing 64 word memory.  A historical note about stored program input was that Zuse used Movie film to read in programs as paper for card input was scarce (i.e. 5081 card).  He quickly began work on the Z4 model with many more 1st computer designs including 1,024 word memory.  Konrad Zuse wrote the first algorithmic programming language called 'Plankalkül' in 1946, which he used to program his computers.  He also wrote the world's first chess-playing program using Plankalkül.  In 1949 Konrad Zuse moved back to Germany and continued development with many new designs.  The Zuse computers were initially built in Berlin and upon his return to Germany he set up shop in Bad Hersfeld.  In a recent Germany auction a Zuse Tube sold for 3,200 Euros or $ $ 4,600.00.  Size is 7.50 length x 2.25” wide.

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