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1972 Intel C8008 C8008-1 =1st 8-bit Computers



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This is an original Intel “C8008” Gold Chip and C8008-1 Chip that is the Worlds First 8-bit Microprocessor.  The original Gold C8008 is seldom found (had several errors) and the replacement C8008-1 corrected internal design chip.  When combined are very rare piece’s of computer history.  This amazing microprocessor was announced in April 1972 after the P4004 or 1st 4 bit Microprocessor.  The 8008 Data Word was 8-bits, Address Space was 16KB, Instruction Set was 48 instructions and Clock Speed was 800kHz.  The 8008 was architecturally very different than the 4004, but marketing at Intel dubbed it “The new 8008 is twice the 4004”.  The designers of the 8008 were Hal Feeney, Ted Hoff, Stan Mazor and Federico Faggin.  When the Gold Cap is removed from the chip and a microscope is used to view, designer Hal Feeney initials will be found “HF”.  This combination of C8008 and corrected C8008-1 was an important direction for Intel as it laid the groundwork for the 8080 or 1st PC chip.  After 32+ years, a combination of C8008 and C8008-1 chip’s is very rare, seldom found and an important part of computing history.  This rare treasure has been placed in a “Riker” Shadow Display Box with real Glass front to preserve a very rare piece of computer history.  Size is 8” x 6” x 1”.  This set was made at and is Copyright Protected by New Beginning Antiques and states this protection on panel with our provenance notes.  This is a real Intel C8008 chip with large "I" that were acquired from an Intel collector.  This is truly an amazing piece of computer history from 32+ years ago.  It will highlight any collection of old computer antiques.

Photos and Descriptions Copyright Protected by New Beginning Antiques.