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Intel’s 1st Pentium Problem Processor 60 MHz



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Intel announced their first Pentium processor on March 22,1993.  It was called the Pentium “60” for 60MHz and designed to replace the 486 processors.  The secret code name was “P5”.  This amazing new “60”chip was plagued with a variety of internal design problems and was quickly recalled (i.e. 2 + 2 = 5.48 in Floating Point calculations).  The replacement was the Pentium 66 for 66MHz.  Both new processors when compared to the 486 had an additional 1.9 million transistors, 32-bit address bus and a 64-bit data bus.  Intel had a number of processor faux pas from the initial 8088 in 1979 to this problem 60 processor in 1993, but always promptly redesigned replacements.  This treasure is labeled “A80501 – 60, SX835, L4151615, Intel 1992.  With early date of 1992, this may have been a prototype processor for internal testing as it is in near perfect condition (Most top gold caps have many scars and scratches from glued on cooling fan).  Processor Size is 2.25” x 2.25”.  It has been placed into a Riker display case with glass cover to preserve computing history (Case size is 8.5” x 6.5”).  These provenance notes are Copyrighted 2004 - 2005 by New Beginning Antiques.  The Pentium 60 problem plagued processor is a great piece of history and highly sought after by collectors.

Photos and Descriptions Copyright Protected by New Beginning Antiques.