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Inside the 1971 Intel 4004 CPU Chip Framed



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This is the worlds first, 1st microchip computer processor designed and built by Intel in 1971.  A high powered microscope was used to photograph the internals to this 1st computer CPU chip and then professionally framed.  Also included is the rarely found original P4004 chip with detail notes on connections.  The artists Provenance Notes about the history the Intel P4004 is on back.  It is ready to hang on a wall to share a remarkable piece of history.  One of the original Intel designers was Federico Faggin and unknown to many, had imbedded his initials F F into the circuit design (can be seen in the lower right side).  New Beginning Antiques researched and found another remarkable piece of history about the tiny start up company called Intel.  “In 1971, Busicom, a Japanese company, wanted a chip for a new calculator.  With incredible design and remarkable manufacturing, Intel built the world's first general-purpose microprocessor called the P4004.  Then Intel bought back the rights for $60,000.”.   Size of glass frame is 13” x 17”.  The microscopic view will mesmerize you with its prism display.  The actual P4004 chip is displayed in this three, 3, dimensional shadow box display (all images are raised .50” off background and appear to be floating).

Photos and Descriptions Copyright Protected by New Beginning Antiques.