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Inside the 1970 Intel 1702 EPROM Chip Framed



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This is fascinating adventure into the worlds first, 1st Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory or EPROM.  It was made by Intel in 1971 and called the 1702.  EPROM’s are used to store programs or data in a computer even when the power is turned off.  They were first used in the Intel 4004, 8080 and 8088 CPUs (today, every computer manufacture uses a variety of EPROM’s in their systems).  A high powered microscope was used to photograph the internals to this 1st Intel 1702 EPROM chip.  Also included is the rarely found original Intel 1702 chip with detail notes on connections.  This rare treasure has been professionally framed with the artists Provenance Notes about the history the Intel 1702 on back.  It is ready to hang on a wall to share a remarkable piece of history.  Size of glass frame is 13” x 17” x 2”.  The microscopic views will mesmerize you with its prism display.  The actual 1702 chip is displayed in this three, 3, dimensional shadow box display (all images are raised .50” off background and appear to be floating).  In our many years of collecting computer treasures, this is without a doubt the most amazing and will highlight any professional collectors or museum display.

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