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1970 Versatec by Xerox Interdata Computer



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This rare treasure is a 1970 Interdata Company Computer Console Panel we believe is a model 8/32.  It has been professionally framed.  The emblem shows “Versatec a Xerox Company”, but was made by Interdata to compete with the IBM 360 computers.  Versatec made and sold powerful plotting equipment for CAD/CAM engineering companies.  Versatec often times used the Interedata computer to power their plotters.  There is a small crack in red Plexiglas, but does NOT show except in close examination.   Interdata was founded in 1967 to compete with the IBM 360 series computers.  The machine was designed to use the IBM System 360 exact instruction set and cost the cost of an IBM 360.  Interdata began manufacturing in Oceanport, NJ, and funding was by the local wealthy Jockey Club.  History preserves that AT&T was going to buy a large quantity of Interdata machines, then looked into the background of the company, saw that the Oceanport Jockey Club was the main stockholder, and cancelled the deal.  Interdata was a superb 16 and 32 bit computer machine and at half the price of an IBM machine was a better business price purchase.   Only a few were produced.  They were powerful 32 bit with a speed and cycle time of 750 or 1,000 NS.  In 1973 Perkin-Elmer bought Interdata and continued to market the exact same machine with PE logo and re-named the PE 3220 or model 7/16 and 7/32.  The PE machine looked just like IBM’s 30xx series but with PE logo and sometimes Versatec by Xerox.  This very rare computer treasure measures 21” x 7” x 4” and weighs 10 lbs.  Before framing, inside is stamped 1972, Model 09-065 F02 R05 Hex Display, Serial # 635.  Bottom photos show 9 hexadecimal read out displays and 43 red LED diagnostic lights.   This belongs in a museum or with a very serious collector.

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