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1971 Intel 4004 CPU Chip Set = 1st Computer



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This Intel 4004 chipset consists of the original 5 chips that was released in 1971 and debut as the World's first Microprocessor.  They are in a Glass Shadow Box Display Case with provenance notes.  These are very rare as complete 4004 chip sets are seldom found. The P4004 CPU, the 4001 ROM, the 4002-1 and 4002-2 RAM, and finally the 4003 serial I/O port.  In 1971, Busicom, a Japanese company, wanted a chip for a new calculator.  With incredible design and remarkable manufacturing, Intel built the world's first general-purpose microprocessor called the P4004.  Then Intel bought back the rights for $60,000.  This 4 bit P4004 was 108 kHz and contained 2,300 transistors.  Its speed is estimated at 0.06 MIPS.  These five chips, some support electronics and programming logic are all that was needed to make a complete working computer (The 1st Microprocessor in 1971).  They have been placed in a “Riker” Shadow Display Box with real Glass front to preserve a very rare piece of computer history.  Size is 8” x 6” x 1”.  This set was made at and is Copyright Protected by New Beginning Antiques and states this protection on panel with our provenance notes.  These are real Intel chips with large "I" that were acquired from an Intel collector.  Again, the set is Copyright protected by New Beginning Antiques and can ONLY be purchased from our Antique Store.  This is truly an amazing piece of computer history from 32+ years ago.  It will highlight any collection of old computer antiques.

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