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IBM Museum Display of 50 years + History



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This is an incredible IBM Museum Display of equipment from 50+ years ago.  One of our favorite customers purchased all of these items from us and built this custom computer museum.  It truly is an amazing and beautiful educational display about computing history.   Most of the new technical wizards of today believe Microsoft, Dell, Windows etc. are computing history (Most have never seen these very rare treasures).   This display helps to teach today’s children wizards the real world of computing and how it has evolved from over 50 years ago into today’s direction.  On the right is an original IBM 370 Model 155 Computer Console from 1971.  This is considered to be the last of amazing IBM Central Processing Consoles that processing speed was slow enough to blink all lights while processing programs.  On the left is an original 1950 IBM 402 Computer Programming Board.  Programmers of the period used wires to program the 402 – 407 IBM accounting machines.  Next is the 1950s IBM 088 Collator Program Wiring Board that programmers would wire to merge / collate 5081 punched cards.  The 1951 IBM 602 Computer Programming Manual for the Calculating Punch Machine is seldom found, but describes in detail how to program the machine.  Included in display is IBM’s original 1950s to 1960s “THINK” Plaque desk display.  It was a first in marketing subliminal implant messages to employee’s to suggest that we “THINK” before making a decision.  One of the other many museum pieces is a very nice display of a 1965 IBM 1401 Computer Core Memory with very large cores (IBM started production of the 1401 in 1961) and Logic Card.  This is one of the finest and best preserved museums that display an incredible piece of our computer history.

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