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Enron Stock Share Certificate January 2002



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This is an original Enron Common Stock certificate with certificate number is HC223762 and made out for 1 share of common stock issued on January 22, 2002 and signed by the infamous thief Kenneth Lay.  Note – January 2002 was the last month Enron was listed on NYSE and stock went from $ 90. to under $ 5.00).  It is on beautiful parchment paper with engravers intricate textured designs.   This piece of business history was folded in mailing and in near new crisp condition.  FTC, Federal Regulatory requires us to say: “As with all of our authentic stock and bonds certificates, we are selling this as a collectible and are not selling the item as a redeemable security”.  However, at its peak and before collapse Enron stock sold for over $ 90.00 per share.  It should be noted Enron initially incorporated in Oregon and their headquarters were in Houston.  Enron’s many illegal partnerships were found throughout the world.  These wildly funded partnerships were creatively hidden on their books and this led to their demise along with outright greed of officers Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling and Andy Fastow.   Size 8” x 12”.     We guarantee authenticity.  This is a rare treasure that often sells at Ebay for over $ 300.00 and will highlight any collection of a Cinderella Company that went from rags to riches and back to rags.  This is truly a rare piece of American history.

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