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1903 Omega Calculator Adder Antique



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This seldom found machine is a 1903 Omega Calculator manufactured in Munich Germany by Omega Company.  They made the machine only 3 years.  In 1906 a more common model was made and distributed to England.  Both models were designed to be a four, 4 function machine to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide.  Only a handful of the 1903 machines were produced.  The Omega was a high-class advanced design that used the US Locke Adder as a base with increased functions using some designs found only in Napier Bones and Abacus.  It was constructed by Justin Bamberger and received many decorations by “Jugendstil Movement” (German Renaissance Group announcing new advancements in Design).  The Box has some paper loss and a wood replacement on right side, but has preserved this treasure in very good operation and display condition.  This machine has incredible detail German workmanship and brass accents built into a machine and wood box (Note Copper Impressed Decoration Cover with original paper notes, secret compartment for paper clips, etc.).  The Omega Company made only a few of these machines as prototypes in hopes of finding investors to begin production.  Only a few of these 1903 Omega Calculators known to exist are in a Professional Private Collection and the other in the Dresden Mathematical Salon in Germany.  On the machine, it reads D.R. pat angem and D.R.G.M. which means that it is even older or 1st series of machines made by Omega.  Also in the spelling Rechen Maschinenfabrik is a typesetter error.  There is a blank on the wrong position.  This was one of the 1st prototype models.  Size is 18” x 6” x 2.5” and weighs 5 pounds.

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