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1950s Nuclear Dosimeters, Charger, Calculator



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This is 1950s to 1960s Civil War Defense Nuclear War testing kit.  It includes 8 dosimeters with charger unit, instruction booklets and the calculator for post results of nuclear bombing.  The 8 dosimeters by Lansverk Dosimeters are model V-742 and 750-5b.  Included is the seldom found calculator by The Lovelace Foundation that reveals results of a multiple megaton bomb radiation.  A portion of Dosimeter manual reads “The V-750 Radiological Charger supplies the voltage required to charge or ZERO quarts fibre dosimeters.  A transistor oscillator converts the direct current from a flashlight battery to alternating current so that the transformer can step up the battery voltage of 1.5 volts to the 220 volts required by the dosimeter……….”.  These items are sold as is, because we have No way of testing, but still a great collectible to Civil Defense panic in the 1950s.  The Wikipedia definition of a Dosimeter is: Dosimeters measure an individual's or an object's[1] exposure to something in the environment — particularly to a radiation hazard inflicting cumulative impact over long periods of time, or over a lifetime. This article concentrates on the radiation dosimeter, which measures exposure to ionizing radiation, but other dosimeters also exist, such as sound dosimeters, ultraviolet dosimeters, and electromagnetic field dosimeters. Nuclear war is inevitable and in the back of all our minds when it will begin.

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