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Motorola Brick Shoe Cell Phone (I-Phone-0)



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This might be considered the 1st I-PHONE version 0.  Next time you see someone babbling on their I-PHONE, whip this relic out.  In September 1983 Motorola made history with the world’s first commercial portable phone when the FCC approved the model 8000 phone, priced at over $ 500.00.  Phone is labeled Cellular One that was the trade name of the first mobile telephone service providers.  It was 1st marketed as the “California Mobil Phone” for commercial sales.  Development took more than 10 years and over 100 million dollars investment to research prototype this 1st Motorola cell phone.  In 1987 Michael Douglas made this model Brick Phone famous in the movie “Wall Street” starring Gordon Gekko using it to call Bud (Sheen).  This is an original vintage Motorola portable Cell Phone now called by collectors the “Brick or Shoe” phone.  It measures 13” in length with antenna x 3” deep and 1.50” wide and weighs 2 pounds.  It measures 13” in length with antenna x 3” deep and 1.50” wide and weighs 2 pounds.  After charging for an hour, phone does hold for a few hours before beeping that another charge needed.  We can be certain if operational and sold as is.  The model number is F09LFD8438AG and the Serial Number is 472GUS1245.  Phone is in very good condition and the keypad is in near new condition with no signs of wear on it.  They are called the brick phone because they are shaped like a brick and because they are so tough.  They are rugged and can be dropped without breaking unlike today’s fragile phones.  Compared to today’s tiny cell phones, this will be a collector’s highlight to antique technology.

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