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1960s Apollo Astronaut Moon Calculator



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This is the rare and seldom found 1960s Slide Rule Calculator by Pickett advertised to have been sent on 5 Apollo moon missions.  This was a promotion for Picket Slide rule calculators and the exact same model did in fact was sent on Apollo missions for navigational calculations.  It is in original box with instructions and guarantee card in mint condition.  It is documented that Buzz Aldrin carried a Pickett N600-ES with him on his Apollo 11 Moon Mission, and actually walked on the moon with it in a space suit pocket on July 20, 1969.  Recently Buzz's actual slide rule was auctioned off and sold for $77,675.  The Apollo missions from 1969 to 1972 used two computers.  There was one computer in the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) and one the mothership (CM) circling above.  It was the first use of integrated circuits.  The cycle time was 1 Mhz, 11 instructions.  It had 1K of 16 bit words of erasable (RAM) core memory and 12K of read-only memory (ROM).  The ROM held the "Colossus 249" flight control software.  There were no disks or tapes in the flight system.  Many computer navigational results were cross checked with this slide rule.  The slide rule model number is # 600 M-ES pocket dual base log / log Picket version.  Slide rule also has their “Eye Saver” yellow faces with magnifying cursors (front & back).  The slide rule is 6” log x 1 1/8 side and includes the original red – brown leather case.  Front scales are: +LL1, -LL1, A, B, ST, T, S, C, D, Dl, K.  Also included are the original PICKETT guarantee/registration card (# 903602), Pickett and 2 original PICKETT manuals.  The 64 page "how to use LOG LOG SLIDE RULES" and the 16 page "how to use Ln-L SCALE SLIDE RULES".  All of this is packaged in the original PICKETT APOLLO display carton.  The carton proclaims that this particular model is "The rule carried aboard five Apollo missions".  Collectors of rare and unique calculators will find this the highlight to their collection.

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