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1920 Spirit Psychic Quack Machine



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This machine is a detailed reproduction of Professor Conrow’s 1920 Patented Psychical Apparatus to help in communicating with deceased spirits.  It was based on some of Tesla’s High Frequency Oscillating machines that when electronic oscillating sounds and lights blinking would improve the Psychics Skills.  Machine was a popular item for fortune tellers and Psychics in the 1920s (folklore says Houdini visited a Psych that used this machine to contact the spirits of his mother).  This machine has the Steampunk look and operation of the original.  The instrument uses original vintage rectifier tube, brass uprights, Bakelite components, vintage telegraph wire and a few modern parts.  Only new part is the 14.2 volt conversion from wall plug 120 volts.  The machine is protected with a glass dome mounted on wood base.  It is fully operational with clicking oscillating Tesla tube noise, red and blue flashing lights that can be controlled with variable knob in settings of Low to High.  Size is 8” high, 5” diameter base.  After contacting a spirit, another favorite game is to guess what light will go on or combination of lights.   Collectors of Steampunk quack gizmos will find this a highlight to any collection.

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