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1920 Noctillum Apparatus Quack Gizmo



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This quack machine is called Noctillum Apparatus or Nocturnal Illuminator.  It is a beautiful reproduction designed and patented in the 1920s by Professor A. D. Conrow.  He coined the name Noctillum & Phantastron that today is simply called a Light Sensitive Device to turn lights on and off.  Machine has glowing red and green lights that emit patterns on ceiling with Tesla glowing tube.  By design, it was an experiment in Methods for Concentration & Applications of Quantum Mechanical Actions.  By watching the lights, you would supposedly be able to concentrate better and perhaps make better forecast decisions.  The professor modified a light sensitive phantastron circuit to create an automated apparatus that could detect when the lights in the room were shut off so this gizmo would turn on.  It was developed at Cornrow’s ADC Radio Laboratory where the Professor developed a variety of quack machines in the 1920s.  Size is 8” high x 5” Diameter base.  The machine is protected with a glass dome mounted on wood base.  Only new part is the 14.2 volt conversion from wall plug 120 volts.  Machine soon simply became a night light in Conrow’s bedroom with intricate ceiling lights displayed.  This is a beautiful reproduction using actual 1920 – 1930 electronic parts.  Collectors of Steampunk quack gizmos will find this a highlight to any collection.

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