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1910 Kodak Nanny Web Camera w USB Port



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This is an original 1910 Kodak Camera called No. 1 Kodak Jr. with patent dates of Jan 18, 1910.  Inside is a new Logitech Web Camera with USB connection.  If you want to view what goes on at your home, simply place camera in direction of desired viewing (connected to any PC with XP or above).  Setup is easy as you simply need an internet connection and plug unit into any USB port on computer.  The Logitech driver will automatically begin installation and you follow directions to begin spy camera software download.   The secret is a new Web Camera that is built into a 1910 Kodak camera that shows all motion and allows you to take single photos or movie.  After software is loaded, you can view what is going on in your home or business from any other computer.  In front of Kodak lens is a focus adjustment that simply turns right or left.
NOTE – It is important that you do NOT try to close the 1910 Kodak camera as it may break internal Web camera.

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