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Time Machine & Tantalus Box H.G. Wells



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Remember the 1960 movie The Time Machine” starring Rod Taylor?  In the beginning he showed skeptical guests a miniature model of the machine inside a Tantalus box and sent the machine into the future.  This is an exact replicate of that movie scene.  All pieces of this machine have been hand made & assembled (Note – This is NOT a kit of parts).  The small lever on the console contains a real crystal.  The machine is made of copper, brass and wood including the intricate chair covered in velvet cushions and the brass rails with the spinning dish.  The custom made Tantalus box is also hand made to display a piece of history and nearly every ones fantasy to go back in time or into the future.  Note box is also highly detailed with red velvet interior.  Included also is a full size crystal lever in its on box (remember this was the secret to starting the machine and Rod always kept it with him).  The Time Machine measures 3.50 inches long and Tantalus box measures 8” x 6” x 7”.   Control lever box is 9” 3.5” x 3” in red velvet lined.  Both are new in mint condition.  Collectors of incredible movie memorabilia or simply someone wanting a Time Machine will find this near one of a kind treasure a highlight to any collection.

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