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“The Microscopic Photographs” of J. B. Dancer



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This is the seldom found hardbound book titled “The Microscopic Photographs of J. B. Dancer” by Bracegirdle and McCormick.  Book also has a hardbound slipcover and both in perfect condition.  It was published in 1993 1st edition and is out of print.  It begins with provenance about Dancer and the many years it took to perfect process for microscopic reduction of photos onto glass slides.  Book shows the actual enlarged photos and detail description of Dancer micro slides from # 1 to # 512.  Collectors of J.B. Dancer slides use this book as the Bible to the very rare slides Dancer produced in the 1800s.  John Benjamin Dancer is considered the father of Microphotography and started making these slides in 1835.  By trade, Dancer was an optician making lenses by hand and began making micro dot slides with controversial photos.  A single Dancer slide often is sold for over $ 300.00 each (see Ebay # 120175769336).  This book allows the collector to compare their slides, authenticate and determine value.  Book is in excellent condition with cover.  Size is 12.5” x 9.5” x 1.5”.  This 1st edition out of print book is the Holy Grail for collectors of J.B. Dancer 1800s slides.

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