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1962 Nuclear Bomb Effects Calculator & Manual



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This is a 1962 computer / calculator & book used to predict the devastation of nuclear bombs from 1 to 20 kilotons and 1 to 20 Megatons.  Included is the original Army 730 page manual that explains post devastation from nuclear bombs with many disturbing photos and charts.  Computer Calculator is titled “Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer” designed by the Lovelace Foundation with revised edition of 1962.  If you lived in an area from a blast of 10 kilotons, this computer calculator will tell you the thermal energy, dynamic pressure, optimum burst and many more calculations to human loss and book shows pre / post photos & charts.  On reverse side of calculator are directions for use with more deadly results.  Calculator measures 5 inches in diameter and made of celluloid plastic.  Book is 9” x 6” x 1” with many photos of nuclear blasts, graph charts and both in very good condition.  Nuclear war is arguably the prevalent scare to our world from the 1940s to present day, but is a piece of our history when folks were guided into self preservation with a defensive mode like building underground bomb safes to school drills of hiding under a desk.  The potential of world wide nuclear war is still of concern, and this rarely found calculator with book reveals predictions to post aftermath with casualties will highlight any collection.

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